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Startward Consulting applies transformative brand marketing strategy and purposeful business consulting to create a standout brand for your business. Our poised branding will help your company thrive with a voice that has a magnetic pull to your ideal clients. Together, we’ll create a distinct brand that is relevant and needed, differentiating yourself from the market for long-term success.


We get it! You push yourself over and over to achieve what you have defined as personal success. You’re not afraid to push boundaries, but you do so with a calm purpose. 


Your business’s brand should be as much of an individual as you are. It’s a reflection of what you believe in and are passionate about, so it should authentically represent you and evolve as you evolve. From the brand design to the fundamental interactions with clients, your brand has a voice.


Let’s build your brand together and make that voice notable with personality and purpose. Your brand should have the power to evolve.

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What would you do if you could start right now?

Access the most comprehensive program for creating and launching a profitable brand that soars ahead of the crowd. Our Brand Catalyst Blueprint shows you exactly how to create a magnetic brand, staying true to your brand’s North Star while consistently scaling. 

Add sophistication to your brand.
Striking. Definite. Unmistakably Yours.

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More than a consultant — a coach and a strategist.

By aligning the disciplines of branding, strategy and analytics, Startward Consulting customizes and creates unique solutions to heighten your brand’s position. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, developed brand strategies for million-dollar brands and guided the small businesses and entrepreneurs that we adore. Our founder, Maureen, has been starting and working with small businesses since she was 14. Maureen is known as the brand catalyst, transforming brand identities for countless businesses, using strategy and data.

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Startward Consulting is a brand marketing strategy firm that positions your brand for competitive advantage in the marketplace. We apply behavioral science into our marketing strategy, which combines understanding of data and consumer behavior to give your business an edge in an ever-changing digital age. In other words, we use everything from your logo design, customer interactions and analytics to make your brand notable.


Rather than a short-term fix, we build long-term solutions that pay off for those who invest in the brand process early.


Ready to flourish? Discover the advantages of our proven services. Unlock growth.



Founder & Brand Catalyst

Maureen is a marketing and branding enthusiast focused on guiding clients in the development of their brand strategy. She is passionate about small businesses and her story resonates closely with that of a lot of entrepreneurs. It all stems back to when Maureen was 14 years old and living in Kenya. Maureen's entrepreneurial spirit pushed her to start her first business in the fashion industry, and later, she started two other businesses. But, as excited and driven as she was, each of those businesses failed.


Regardless, the desire to start and grow businesses propelled her forward. She pursued her undergraduate degree in business management, specializing in finance. She then received a master’s degree in marketing analytics which led her into brand consulting.


Maureen honed her marketing and branding experience at both Nielsen and later PepsiCo. Over the years, she was responsible for:


1) Increasing market share for leading billion-dollar brands

2) Developing insights for creating new innovations

3) Launching iconic million-dollar brands that are in the market today

3) Advising senior leadership on all branding, such as positioning, brand architecture and brand communication


Having dealt with business loss and frustration as a young entrepreneur, and conversely working at Fortune 500 companies and global brands; Maureen developed an understanding of why businesses fail. This created a passion for working on business projects that drive a change. The idea of getting a business/client from point A to point Z with a complete creative overhaul excites her.


As Maureen puts it, she didn’t have the resources to successfully run a business early on, despite her efforts. Her goal is to offer small businesses, entrepreneurs and aspiring youth what she didn’t have as a child by using the same strategies that the smartest companies employ. She looks forward to applying those strategies to your business.


We give to you, so we can also give back to the community.


25% of proceeds go to our foundation, sponsoring schooling for youth in Africa. Taji is a Swahili word for crown. Our goal is to give youth the resources and education they need to tap into success that may have not been otherwise available.

In addition to sponsorships, we mentor youth. Our goal is to impart life skills and facilitate personal growth. We love coaching small business owners, but nothing surpasses the joy we feel from working with youth. We are committed to serving and transforming young people.

Taji Foundation




You’re like no one else, and no one is quite like you.

Your company’s brand deserves the same status. 


By partnering with Startward Consulting for branding services, you’ll unlock growth and utilize an untapped set of business strategies that will set you apart. After applying our experience with Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses, we’ve unearthed the precise ways we can help businesses like yours. 

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