Let’s scale your product brand to  multi million dollar growth with scientific precision

Turn data into revenue and growth

I help you turn real data into brand growth strategies that drive predictable revenue and explosive growth – so your beloved product brand can become a household name.

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Here's the truth:

Brand building is more science than art

In a world where all the “expert” growth strategies seem catered to the service industry, it can feel impossible to figure out what it takes to turn your product brand into a market leader.

But as a brand growth strategist who’s worked with many of those big brands, I know first-hand that they didn’t get where they are today through trial and error or piecing together fragmented strategies.

And neither should you

I’m here to help you discover

The easier, faster path to  exponential growth

You shouldn’t have to go through this journey alone

  • If you’ve been hustling your way up the ladder of success, and are ready to skyrocket your way to the top…
  • If you’re tired of avoiding your numbers and want to know what it really takes to build product obsession (without reinventing the brand-building wheel)...
  • And if you’re serious about scaling your brand, so you can shortcut your way to consistent revenue and sales…

Then it’s time to trade the guessing game for a CEO-essential mindset and proven-brand building strategies.

The struggle ends now, friend – Scaling doesn't have to feel overwhelming

The secret to scaling is  hidden  in your data

My superpower? Helping you translate that data into informed decisions that lead to next-level growth

Which sounds more like you?

Let’s find the best way to work together, so we can get you laser-focused on the right things and scale your brand with scientific precision.

I want to...

Get unstuck now, with instant clarity + strategy

That's me
I want to...

Build my new product-based business

That's me
I want to...

Prime my brand for explosive growth & scale

That's me

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1:1 Strategic Session

 Soar to next-level growth in less time

Whether you want to revamp your brand messaging, understand the data you already have to grow & scale with scientific precision, systemize your business,and get retail ready.

My 1:1 VIP Sessions give you the clarity you need on exactly which growth levers to pull in your business to fast-track your way to results.

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Product Profit Lab

Build a profitable, market-leading product brand

If you’ve got an incredible product on your hands and you’re serious about turning it into a rave-worthy brand, it’s time to treat it as more than just a hobby or “happy accident”.

Product Profit Lab is a business incubator program for product entrepreneurs ready to go beyond gut feelings and trial and error to “unstick” their product growth, skyrocket their sales, and multiply their profits — no complicated marketing strategies required!

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Big Brand Academy

Scale your brand & reach explosive growth

Dreaming of the day when your brand will share shelf space and market share with the big brands? You’re exactly in the right place.

Big Brand Academy is the apprenticeship program for entrepreneurs ready to level up their skills and transform their brand into a celebrated, money-making machine.

From sales certainty to cash confidence, we’ll plan for next-level growth, predictable profit, and consistent 7-figure revenue.

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Hi!  I’m Maureen

Founder & CEO of Startward Consulting

As someone with huge aspirations, I know you’re looking for more than a coach who will teach you to grow your product-based business the way they did.

You want to partner with a consultant and growth strategist who really knows what it takes to turn your beloved product into a household name.

I’ve delivered off-the-chart results for brands you  know and love

From Dove and L'Oréal to Lays to Chobani, I have 10+ years of experience building, growing, and scaling product-based brands.

Today, I use those same proven, data-informed strategies to show up-and-coming product entrepreneurs like you how you can scale your business and add millions to your bottom line — the same way big brands do.

I’ll teach you how to make reading your numbers as easy as flipping through a glossy magazine, so you make informed growth decisions from a place of clarity and power.

If you’re ready to take your next step towards growth, reach, and revenue, let’s talk.

Work with Maureen
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Launching and scaling a product-based business doesn’t have to feel daunting.

From brand-building strategies to cash flow mastery, scaling e-commerce revenue to getting your products retail-ready — The Product Entrepreneur Podcast covers every step of turning your beloved brand into a household name.

Join your host Maureen Mwangi, CEO of Startward Consulting and Brand Growth Strategist behind some of America’s most beloved brands, as she explores the strategies you need to prime your brand for explosive growth and scale.

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