Episode 4: Growing A Thriving Luxury Brand With Sara Duchovnay


Sara Duchovnay is a master juggler of dual careers—professional opera singer and estate fine jewelry company owner—and she has also found a way to mesh these two passions together beautifully. Sara searches the world over for the most beautiful pieces of fine jewelry from the past and curates them into collections for her clients online.

Doesn’t that sound fabulous?




A few years ago Sara got out of an emotionally and financially abusive relationship, bought herself a diamond divorce ring, and came to realize that she was more business-savvy and financially smart than she had been led to believe. As she pushed past the pain and found freedom, she knew this was her chance to focus on a product that was personally meaningful to her: beautiful vintage jewelry.

As an opera singer who’s often on the road, she uses those trips to shop for jewelry at estate sales and hole-in-the-wall shops. “When I think about how antique and vintage jewelry makes me feel,” she says, “I want to give other people that feeling.”

On this episode of The Product Entrepreneur Podcast, Sara gives us the inside scoop on owning and operating a luxury brand and shares:

How her unique story helps her brand stand out from her competitors. What skill she learned that has saved her thousands of dollars in her business. Why she posts and markets her business almost exclusively on Instagram. How she leverages data to make decisions for her business. How her target audience finds her and how she builds connections with her customers.



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