Maximize Your Product Sales by making this simple tweak

Uncap Your Growth & Bring in More Product Sales without Changing Your Branding or Packaging.

In this training you will learn:


The 3 Not-So-Obvious Mistakes Product-Based Entrepreneurs Make That Slow Brand Growth & Put a Cap on Sales


How to Identify the One Growth Strategy You Need to Focus on First to Increase Sales Now


Exclusive Bonus: The Sales Maximizer Spreadsheet Big Brands Use to Find their Next Million Dollar Growth Opportunity & How to Use it for Your Brand

Meet your host

Hi! I’m Maureen Mwangi.

In my 10+ year career building product-based brands, I’ve been able to bring my brands some pretty off-the-charts results:

  • I’ve invented a freaking chip - a pretty successful one, too. #LivingtheDream Ever tried the Lays Chesapeake Crab Spice? Millions of people have and the product did $1.2MM in sales in its first year!
  • If you love Greek yogurt, you’ve probably tried my baby >> Chobani’s vanilla and plain Greek yogurt. I took the Chobani brand & these two initial products from concept to cash register. It’s now a multi-million dollar product line.
  • I helped Dove expand its GoFresh brand by coming up with the cucumber and raspberry product lines, which added 35% to their baseline volume - a whopping $70M.

Want to learn some of my best-kept secrets? 

Ready to identify the One Growth Strategy You Need to Focus on First to Increase Sales Now

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