Episode 17: Going From Invisible to Visible

Going From Invisible to Visible with Diedrich Marketing Strategies

Maureen and Marketing Expert Nicole, owner of Diedrich Marketing Strategies, share how to use organic traffic and ads to grow your business reach, the importance of strategizing a year in advance, growing your reach during Quarters 1-3 to leverage for Quarter 4, and the challenges of entrepreneurship.




Why Organic Traffic Matters

Nicole shares how the first step in marketing needs to be establishing a connection with your audience.  This includes creating a community by getting to know your audience and establishing two way connection.  This will help your audience to be more invested in your brand and its products.  It will also give you more credibility when you do begin to invest in paid ads.


How To Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Many brands make the mistake of expecting all effort and payoff to happen in Quarter 4.  Instead, you should have a strategy planned for the entire year BEFORE the year begins.  This will help you establish consistency and a growing trajectory that can easily ramp up in Quarter 4.


How To Overcome Challenges In The Early Years of Business

Nicole shares that while marketing is one of the first things owners delegate, many new businesses are hesitant to invest in help.  However, the primary thing holding your business back from growth is YOU.  Your capacity to grow and ability to handle workload is capping your ability to grow.  When you hire help and delegate responsibilities, your capacity opens up for more important tasks in growing the business.



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