Episode 87: Myth Buster Series - “It’s Not Working Now, So I Need A New Strategy"

woman writing in schedule with to do list

Are you stuck in a strategy slump that doesn’t seem to be paying off? 

I’m not even talking about a FAILING strategy. At least then we can see what’s working and what’s not. 

The worst thing that can happen is if nothing happens. Because then, we’re not even getting any feedback after putting in all this effort. 

Plateaus SUCK. And unfortunately, they’re also inevitable. 

Maybe you’re not seeing the changes you were hoping to see, and you’re starting to wonder if you need to change gears before it’s too late. 

But what we tend to forget (myself included) is that every fruit still needs a growing season. 

It’s natural: as humans, if we put in the work, we want to see some sort of difference. Even if it makes things worse!

So if you’re thinking “it’s not working now, I need a new strategy”, check out this week’s podcast episode to help you determine whether or not to jump ship.

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