Episode 7: The Mind Body Connection and Success In Business

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Maureen sat down with Fitness and Business guru Jane Mukami to discuss how competitive fitness taught Jane to build a successful business.



Jane shared how developing consistency with practicing good habits leads to success in business and personal life as well as in health.  As she pursued her fitness goals through bodybuilding, she also worked in technology as a software project manager.  Because she began showing up to work giving 100% on a regular basis, and her productivity was higher through her consistency, she started going from one job to the next job with an almost doubled salary.  She even noticed that, as she started dating again, the type of men she began dating changed because she had changed herself.


She also shared how to reach specific fitness goals through nutrition and exercise.  The three key consistent habits to develop are:

  • Working out regularly
  • Good nutrition at every meal, including moderation with less healthy foods rather than cheat meals
  • Rest and a regular sleep schedule


A bonus tip that Jane shared was creating a schedule that you can be flexible with.  For example, if you check in with yourself and realize you need to sleep an extra thirty minutes, you should be able to allow yourself that time.


Listen to the full podcast episode for more great tips on fitness, business, and life!

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