Episode 50: How To Decrease Your Customer Acquisition Costs with Gen Furukawa

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Marketers' longtime reliance on third-party consumer data is fast becoming obsolete. For example, advertising on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where targeting audiences can yield highly successful campaigns, has always been a cornerstone of the direct-to-consumer marketing strategy.

However, it is more important than ever to create direct connections with consumers in light of iOS14's restrictions on third-party cookies for tracking, Chrome's deprecation of third-party cookies in browsers beginning in 2022, and the General Data Protection Regulation.

That's why it's perfect timing that Gen Furukawa will be on the podcast today. He is here to share a more legitimate, effective, and cheaper alternative to better understand your customers and cater to their specific needs.

Gen is the co-Founder of Prehook, a leading quiz platform for Shopify merchants. Gen has been in eCommerce for 10+ years, with the last 7 years in eCommerce SaaS. Before Prehook, Gen was part of the founding team and VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading software for Amazon sellers.

Prehook helps hundreds of high-growth Shopify merchants sell more, accelerate list growth, and capture zero-party data with quizzes.

Gen also hosts the eCommerce marketing podcast Cart Overflow, where he shares what the best brand operators, agencies, and tech platforms are doing to grow their eCommerce revenues.

In this episode, Gen emphasizes three quiz benefits of e-commerce quizzes:

  • They reduce customer acquisition cost
  • The end of third-party cookies and increase in data protection
  • Personalization attracts customers

By the end of this episode, you will learn how to leverage quizzes in your direct-to-consumer business, whether or not a quiz is suitable for your brand, and how to create one. In addition, you will gain priceless insights on how to achieve personalization at scale, why fastest-growing direct-to-consumer brands use quizzes, how to promote them, and tips to increase their opt-in rate.

Episode Highlights

  • [01:45] Prehook's founder story
  • [04:04] How to tell if your business needs a quiz
  • [05:32] Three reasons why the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer brands leverage quizzes
  • [05:40] The value of personalization 
  • [07:21] How to achieve personalization at scale
  • [10:37] How to set up a quiz
  • [13:07] Ways used to promote quizzes
  • [14:33] Tips to increase the opt-in rate for quizzes
  • [18:49] What is zero-party data?
  • [21:55] Gen's advice for growing e-commerce businesses



"I think the brands that might not benefit much from quizzes might be like a single SKU brand. So product where it's like, alright, you get one product. The decision is easy. It's more focused on can the merchant sell the product or not?"

"Once you're able to understand the customer challenges and their goals, you can bridge the gap from where they currently are to where their goals are. And that's where we can fill the gap with a quiz."

"Once you're layering on their needs, goals, challenges, all of a sudden, you can play to those more. And it impacts your messaging, what you're sending, when, and how."

"So when people ask, like, okay, what should I consider? What should I do in building the quiz? I think the first and most important thing is to define what your goals are. Like what data points are most interesting or helpful to you to improve your segmentation and set your targeting to be more specific?"

"What is the exchange of value between the merchant and the visitor? And how can you make it most compelling?"

"The quiz is more like an exchange or a conversation to enhance or improve the opt-in."


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