Episode 34: Scaling Through Digital Advertising with Flairst Agency

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In this special episode, Maureen chats with Flairst owners Jessica and Amy about all things digital marketing.  Jessica and Amy have over 10 years of digital ads and content creation experience, and they’ve been in business together at Flairst for the past 4 years.  They shared some of their top tips and advice for business owners.



How To Navigate the Changes In Digital Advertising


While many of Flairst's clients began as small blogs, they have had to grow and change with different social media platforms over the past ten years.  Everything has changed compared to where things were even a few years ago. Because of this, Jessica and Amy share that everything they do is meant to empower all their clients to play the game of digital marketing.


One of the biggest tips they shared to keep up with the changes online is to diversify.  If you’ve had great success on one platform, then you can emulate those strategies on another platform.  Once you’re earning six figures, it’s important to have a strategy that include advertising on multiple platforms to continue growing.  This includes integrating marketing channels like SMS and email.



How To Collect Important Data


When the iOS update last year made it difficult to collect data from social platforms, everyone realized the importance of collecting data for your business.  You can’t rely on Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) to collect data for you anymore; many people choose to block their data from being collected.  This is where a diversified marketing strategy is best.


When you’re collecting data directly, like emails and phone numbers, you control it.  But you can also look at interactions on your platform (instead of analytics).  This includes video views, likes, comments, shares, and more.  One powerful tool to help with data collection that they recommended is Klaviyo.


Top Tips for Female Business Owners


Most business owners are used to doing everything for themselves.  However, when you’re growing you get to the stage of needing to delegate some tasks.  This includes content creation and social media, bookkeeping, or any task that is outside your zone of genius.  Working with an agency is one way to do this, but this is where another piece of advice is important.

Not everyone is ready to delegate or work with an agency.  When Flairst speaks to a potential client, they’re looking for people who have already worked through their feelings and are in a great space.  As a business owner, you need to be ready to go mentally and emotionally, not just financially, when working with an agency.  Until you have faced the things that frighten you and worked through them, you’re going to find yourself in an uncomfortable mess.



Consistency and a resolute mindset are the most important thing an owner can have.  Building a business and believing in it is hard.  It requires a lot of repetitive work, and it’s not linear.  You often feel like you’re taking five steps back, then three steps back, then one step forward, and so on.  If you haven’t worked through your feelings and established a strong mindset, you really won’t be able to stick with your business.


The last tip Jessica and Amy gave was to max out your organic marketing.  This is your foundation, and it’s important to have done everything you can organically before paying for ads.  This looks like growing your communities on the platforms, connecting with other businesses, having consistent sales, and having a solid customer base.  Once you’ve done this, you have a lot of data to work with.  This is when paid ads can utilize your data and amplify your results.



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