Episode 20: What I Teach and Why


Maureen shares her core values around coaching entrepreneurs.  Bottom line: She believes in coaching her clients to be successful in life as well as run a successful business.  

She is compelled to teach the things that have mattered most to her.  These are real strategies you need to dominate in your brand category.

In this episode, learn more about the importance of mindset, making data-driven decisions, taking action, embracing your passion, and how Maureen can help you in your entrepreneurship journey.




Pillar #1: Mental Health

I believe in coaching and therapy being the most important investments you can make.  You have to take care of your mental health in order to be a good leader and entrepreneur.  Even my new clients know that I teach mindset FIRST.  It is key for your wellbeing and success.

Pillar #2: Branding

Branding is the vehicle that allows you to bump up your product sales.  If you want to reach new customers, your branding has to make your product attractive.  Having a clear brand positions you for growth.  Ultimately, I teach branding so that you can communicate your offers and reach your ideal clientele.

Pillar #3: Data

I teach you how to use your data.  This allows you to understand what is working in your business.  Then, you can duplicate what’s working to create more success.  The science behind entrepreneurship is simply math.  If you know your numbers, you can engineer growth in your brand.

Pillar #4: Systems

I teach how to systematize your business.  This means that you have workflows in place that support growth.  My goal for each of my students is that they can become a market leader without killing themselves from overwork.
For example, hand-making or working on your product at home will not prepare you for growth.  You won't be able to give a manufacturer formulas or know how to anticipate what's needed for mass production.
In contrast, if you are developing systems for production, order management, and customer communications, you will be able to support larger orders as they come in.
Systems are important because if you don’t pre plan your goals, you won’t be able to grow.  You'll be stuck reacting and putting out fires rather than implementing your plan.
My biggest question for those without systems is "Do you like where you're at right now?"  If you aren’t happy with your results, then ask yourself how you’re getting there. Likely, you need to pre-plan rather than go with the flow or react to things as they happen.  If you don't have a system, begin to create one today.

Pillar #5: Profit

Profit is the money leftover after expenses.  If your business requires you to spend all that you’re making, then you aren’t profiting. You would gain the same profit from not having a business at all and using all those hours you worked just watching Netflix!
Profit is the answer to just about everything.  Do you have inventory issues?  You probably don't have enough profit.  Are you in a cash crunch?  You need profit.  Do you have security to weather any storm?  Not without consistent profits.  Are you able to hire up for growth?  If you said no, it's because you don't have profits to do so.
Profit allows you to enjoy the process of building your brand as you make money.  How's your profit margin looking?

Pillar #6: Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is this is something we do for ourselves. Oftentimes, we are the most critical towards ourselves.  After all, the easiest person to love is someone else, right?  In reality, loveablility is determined by the one who offers love, not the one who is loved. You have to offer love to yourself.

Pillar #7:  Belief Systems

Belief systems inform how we think and act every single day.  If you’re raised with low self esteem or limits, you won't be able to grow past where you already are.  The most important thing you can do to overcome your limiting beliefs is to think bigger. I help people believe in themselves, their capacity, and their capability.
Do you feel crippled by beliefs that have been formed around your past experiences?  While you cannot change what happened or how people treat you, you can change what you believe.  Taking control of your beliefs allows you to take charge of your future.

Pillar #8:  Time Management

The key to managing your time is managing your mind.  Using the concept of time to get ahold of your mind is so powerful!  Here's why.  If you create an outcome and direction for your brain, it will go to work for you.  However, if you don't give yourself a goal, your brain has nothing to focus on.  I truly believe that a brain without direction is like a toddler with a knife: It innocently causes a lot of damage and problems!
When you manage your time, you are setting an expectation for your brain.  If you set a big goal, you're asking your brain to expand!  When you set a stretch goal that requires you to change your capacity and ability, you get to enjoy working towards becoming that person.

Pillar #9 Massive Action

Take massive action.  This means to act until you get the result you want, no matter how hard the journey is.  I always tell people to work until you’ve exhausted yourself until you collapse in a heap of tears.  However, it doesn’t mean burnout.  It means acting despite being comfortable.  It also means continuing despite having doubt and fear.  Ultimately, it means working until you see your desired results.

Pillar #10:  Purpose And Contribution

Oftentimes, people prevent themselves from living the life they could because they’re waiting until their purpose becomes clear.  However, you will never get clarity of purpose by sitting around waiting for it.  Instead, follow every little desire until you find your main purpose.  In fact, your purpose may not become clear until you look back at your life.  The truth is that you can live a life of purpose every single day

Pillar #11: Entrepreneurship

This one comes without saying!  Being an entrepreneur is the most amazing opportunity and privilege we have.  It is the deepest self growth experience anyone could have!
As an entrepreneur, you are your own employer and employee.  This is the most challenging relationship you could ever have!  But it is so rewarding.
To be able to create something of value, benefit from it, offer jobs to others, and offering life changing opportunities to your customers is worth the required growth.

Why I Do What I Do

A lot of people think that people become entrepreneurs to make more money.  It's true that money is a measuring stick, but it is just an indicator of what you’re doing.  It isn’t the reason WHY.
The reason I am an entrepreneur is because of purpose and contribution. So I want to know...Why are you on this journey? Why are you doing what you are doing?
If you are a Product Profit Lab or Big Brand Academy student, I want you to understand why I do what I do. If you aren’t a student, my podcasts can teach you more about these concepts and help you grow.
One of my clients shared “It’s one thing to have a successful business, but it’s another thing to live a life that is successful. That’s what Product Profit Lab does for us.”  I want you to live a successful life.
Send us an email or reach out to Maureen on IG and let us know if you want to learn more about how you can grow in your success!


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