Episode 19: Core Elements Of A Brand


Do you know the 8 Core Elements of a Brand?  These elements will draw your ideal customers.  They include the functional and emotional benefits of your brand, what Brand DNA is, and more. 



8 Elements Of A Brand


1.  Know your target customer.  What are their aspirations and needs?  Are you speaking to them when you share information?  Be sure to target your message and marketing to what they want.


2.  Know the functional benefit of your product.  What problem does your product solve?  Are you able to communicate this benefit?


3.  Know the emotional benefit of your product.  How do you make people feel?  This is the key to creating a magnetic brand.


4.  Know the DNA of your brand.  Timeless, iconic truths and characteristics make up your brand DNA.  Regardless of the products or the marketing, these elements stay the same.


5.  What is the existing point of view in your product category?  It's important to know the tensions in the category.  If your product is like everyone else's what will make it stand out?


6.  Know your brand purpose.  This may be discovered after you've launched.  It is something bigger than you or the product you're selling.


7.  What are your visual assets?  These things include your icon, color scheme, images, etc.


8.  What is your tone?  This informs the way you market and share information.


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