Episode 15: How To Develop an Iron Clad Mindset


Maureen and master mindset coach Kara Gasie discuss developing an iron clad mindset as an entrepreneur.

Kara shares the 5 Step Process from Circumstance to Results, her top tips for female entrepreneurs, and nuggets of mindset advice throughout this powerful episode.




Kara outlines the Five-Step Process from Circumstance to Result:

  1. Circumstance - a factual thing that happens
  2. Thought - your thoughts around the circumstance
  3. Feelings - vibrations in your body created by thoughts; these are how you experience things in the world as a human
  4. Actions - your response to your feelings, often an action or lack of actions (confidence vs. doubt)
  5. Result - created by your actions


Key Mindset Advice for High-Achieving Women:

  1. Learn to feel emotions without making happiness the goal.  Make your goal to BE ALIVE and feel all of your emotions.
    • We turn off our feelings with false pleasure, like over-social media use, alcohol, etc.  While it’s a temporary hit of pleasure, you can’t turn off your desires for greater things.

  2. Have a purposeful identity.  The way you view yourself has a huge impact on the results you create.
    • Think for your future self.  Embrace and embody that person right now.

  3. Accept that you are enough.  You are worthy.
    • Be “salesy” aka SELL. You don’t need to take money from people who don’t want to give it to you.  It means letting people who need your product know that it exists! 

    • Someone saying "no" to your product doesn't mean you aren't worthy.  It means that they don't have a need for the product.

  4. Manage your mind.  Constrain the hours and increase the value.
    • Stop overworking to achieve a goal.  Learn how to create the overall lifestyle you want while also reaching your business goals.



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