Episode 14: How To Prepare For Successful Retail Presentation


Maureen shares the information you need in your presentation to retailers, including the information you would need on each slide or page of a document in your presentation.  You will be able to present yourself as the right strategic partner for the retailer in 10 slides/points or less. 

These points include an introduction, your customer's POV, the evolution of your product category, metrics, growth barriers, placement and location, winning together, and recommendations for execution.




Slide 1

This is your Introduction slide.  Share how your brand fills the product gap for similar products at the retailer

This establishes how you help them reach their core goals, such as bringing in a new audience, growth of their business, etc.


Slide 2

Detail your Customer’s Point Of View.  Share what your current customers’ POV is of your business and what they like best and look for from your brand.  


Slide 3

Evolution of Your Category Landscape.  Tell the buyer how your product's category has changed over time.  For example, if you’re selling a body wash, share how the beauty industry has changed, why it’s changing, and why you’re the best partner during the evolution of the category. 


Slide 4

Metrics.  You will showcase the health of your business and the specific product you’re pitching through dollar growth.  You should also cover the mix of that product in your overall business.  Finally, cover the contribution of this product to your overall business growth through your CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate).  This is the projected growth rate of your given product in a specific amount of time.  This tells the buyer if they will make money through the strategic partnership


Slide 5

Barriers to the Growth Of Your Product.  Show how your brand will overcome these challenges and remain poised for success.  Share how you will provide solutions to the retailer’s customers.  This shows how you will overcome buyer hesitancy and objections for customers already going to the retailer's location.


Slide 6

Placement and Location of Product.  Share what need the product fills, how you will drive people to the location, and what makes sense for the product.  For example, if the product is for convenience, it will be an impulse purchase.  You should put it near checkout.


Slide 7

Winning Together.  Share how you will ensure that both you and the retailer win.  Speak to their values being met (all-natural, supporting small brands, etc) to share how their goal is met and how your brand wins through that.


Slide 8

Recommendations for Execution. How will you make this happen if the opportunity is given to you?  Will it be a strategic seasonal partnership or a full year retail partnership?  Either way, show how will you execute the success of that partnership.


Be sure to speak in terms of “we” so that you communicate the mutual benefit.  Buyers will look for additional sales, incremental purchasing, and how to increase the order value of existing shoppers.  You’ll need to speak to sustainability, community development, innovation, future trends, and other long-term strategies.


If you follow this outline in your presentation and have all your information prepared, you will have a successful conversation with the buyer!



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