Episode 12: 5 Things For Success in Life and Business


I'm sharing ways to find success in life and business!  When things become difficult in your journey, you need to let go of problems once you've done all you can do.  When you do your part, trust and have faith that the rest will follow.



You'll learn...

  • How to stop comparing yourself to others
  • How to stop making short term decision for instant gratification
  • How to FINISH what you've started, rather than starting and stopping things constantly
  • How to stop taking advice from those who have not done what you are trying to do
  • Don't let temporary circumstances determine the future of your life and business.



#1: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Your product is your gift to the world!  It will create ultimate transformation for those who need it.  Remind yourself that while people may talk and say different things, what matters is your vision for your life.  Anchor yourself on that vision for your life and your business. 


#2: Stop Making Short-Term Decisions for Instant Gratification

When making decisions, ask yourself what the return on your investment will be for your business.  Stop making investments based on the dollar sign or instant results.  You'll limit yourself to everyday things that will lose their spark in your business.  If your investment will turn your business in a positive direction, then do it.


#3 FINISH What You've Started

It's important to commit to the process.  What have you decided to do?  Can you follow through and finish it?  Be sure to fix the commitment, the lack of excitement, and the expectations before you blame the strategy.  Your biggest issue in your business is what's happening between your two ears (in your mind).


#4 Stop Taking Advice From People Who Aren't Where You Want To Be

If people offer you advice but they are not in your target market or are not where you're trying to be, ignore it.  Their thinking creates their current results, and it will be projected out to you.  If you don't want their results, don't take their advice!


#5 Don't Let Temporary Situations Define Your Future

Temporary situations can lead to worry, doubt, and fear.  I'm a believer.  Romans 8:27-28 reminded me that if you are engrossed in worry, you're giving yourself control over a situation rather than letting faith in.  If you are experiencing worry, it is the opposite of faith!  You don't want to be in control of difficult situations.  Let God (or the power you believe in) handle it while you continue doing what you need to do.


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