Episode 11: Three Simple Levers To Grow Your Brand


Wondering how you can grow your business?  I've outlined the most popular strategies and how to use them!





Here are my 3 Simple Levers to Grow Your Brand!


#1:  Increase your customers

Finding new customers is one way to increase sales and grow your brand awareness.  This requires consistently finding new leads and driving new traffic to your eCommerce store.


#2:  Increase order value

This method allows you to increase the value of your current customers' orders.  Instead of finding new customers, you can recommend additional products that will benefit your customer.  Increasing order value makes better use of your marketing efforts and gives your customers an enhanced experience with your brand.


#3:  Increase order frequency

See the average order frequency of your customers and find ways to increase it!  This could be done through subscription models, recommended additional products, or special offers.


I'm also telling you my top way of these three to grow your business, and why it will provide you the highest return for less daily time invested!



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