Episode 16: Dreams Do Come True


Odette S., Owner of Maison Jouvence, shares how she went from an idea to 6 figures in just 12 months!  Her store has sold out multiple times, even with increased pricing.




Here are the key factors that made a difference in her success:



Odette shared how she was able to recognize daily negative thoughts, and begin to replace them through the weekly mindset coaching offered in Product Profit Lab.

Online Sales

Instead of running ads to generate traffic, Odette tailored her messaging to her ideal clients.  Then, she treated her messaging as a service to educate people on how her products could solve their problems.  She also used DMs to sell before her website was ready to launch.  Once it was ready, she moved sales traffic to the site.

Popup Shop

For physical sales, Odette created a luxury popup shop.  She used messaging, packaging, and presentation to provide the luxury feel to everyone who saw her in person.



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