Episode 52: How To Breakthrough to 6-figures in revenue per year.

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Earnings are a great perk that come as a natural consequence of launching your business. Having a clear rationale for doing what you're doing can help you weather the inevitable storms that will inevitably arise as you build your business. And when your why is so strong that you're prepared to keep going even when everything else in your life suggests that you shouldn't, that's when you know you're on the right track.

This is what it's like building a six-figure business. It begins with understanding why you're setting it up in the first place—and that reason should be more than just the money.

Without a solid impetus, it's easy to find yourself repeatedly beginning and ending projects, resting in the middle of something important, or starting something new when it's not quite ready. Therefore, you don't get the result you want.

In this episode, Maureen explores every entrepreneur's steps to achieve their goals. The key steps she highlights include:

  1. Establish what you want, not what you think you can do
  2. Rely on your belief, not your ability
  3. Be a rule breaker
  4. Keep a concrete focus on what you want
  5. Move beyond the resistance that constantly shows up


Episode Highlights

  • [2:47] Why you need to understand your 'why.'
  • [3:35] If one line of business is not successful yet, do not start another
  • [6:25] Understanding your different roles in your business
  • [12:49] How to identify and establish your goal
  • [15:34] Who you need to become to achieve your goal
  • [17:55] Why you need to make your business urgent
  • [22:00] What thoughts and beliefs are making you stuck?
  • [25:20] An exercise in understanding the beliefs you're accepting
  • [27:47] Getting started requires inner belief, not confidence
  • [33:00] Things that hold people back
  • [34:28] Identify rules to break
  • [43:50] Why you must concretely focus on what you want
  • [49:40] How to move past the resistance that shows up



'Wherever you are right now, you are very successful… Many of us usually set some very audacious goals in our businesses, but we never understand what is expected and what is required of us to achieve that goal.'

'It's not about the money. Money is a byproduct of what you'll get when establishing your business.'

'When you have a hard why, you're willing to withstand the storms in your business.'

'Once you untether the identity of your business from you, then you start making decisions out of the company's interest and not your own interests.'

'The key to success is to become the person who has the thoughts and takes the actions to produce results over and over again.'

'Don't copy somebody's actions; copy the thoughts and feelings that person had when taking action.'

'If you don't feel successful right now, making 100K will not make you feel successful.'

'Don't establish a monetary goal based on what you think you can do; establish a monetary goal based on what you really want.'

'We prioritize what we value.'

'The success of your business hinges upon how fast you can bounce back up when you've bounced down.'

'All of us are scared, but we are choosing to move past our fears.'

'For you to create a different outcome and create a different result, you have to break a rule.'

'When you keep a focus of what you want, the universe conspires to bring it to you.'

'Discomfort is the price we pay for the goals that we want.'

'If you're willing to do what is required, everything else reveals itself.'


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