Episode 95: How To Speak To Your Ideal Client


Have you ever tried to make friends as an adult?

It kind of sucks!

Things just seemed so much easier as a fourth grader. You shared your juice box, told each other your favorite animal (unicorns, duh) and then BAM, you were bonded for life. 

When did things get so complicated?

It’s hard enough to make connections in your personal life, but the stakes are ramped up even more when your business is on the line. 

Now, you don’t want to make friends with just anyone

You wanna talk to your ideal client.

The one who is right in the middle of the problem your product solves. The one that eats, sleeps, and breathes the lifestyle your product enables. The one who will rave to anyone who will listen about how everyone needs to try your product—because their life has been transformed overnight. 

Finding your ideal client is one thing. Speaking to them is a whole other ball game. 

So once you find them…how do you start the conversation?

In this week’s podcast episode, we’re diving into:

👉How to see the world through your ideal client’s eyes

👉Crafting content that draws in the RIGHT audience

👉How to use social proof to back up your branding

And more!

One thing that becomes easier in adulthood is making the RIGHT kind of friends. 

Because YOU get to choose!

So tune in to see how you can form some new and exciting connections for your brand—unicorns and all. 

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