Episode 94: Dreams Do Come True: From Inconsistent Sales To Consistent Daily Sales With CEO Of Glow Village

What would it take for a mother of three and registered nurse to transition into full-time entrepreneurship? 

Just ask my friend Maame!

Maame is the founder of Glow Village, a beauty brand for the wellness-conscious.

She’s also a teacher, mother to three wonderful kiddos, and an RN to boot. 

When we met her, her brand was ten years in the making. And yet, she hadn’t gotten nearly as far as she had hoped. 

Over the past decade, she had started over and over again. 

She always threw herself in 100%. She had a passion for this that refused to quit. But no matter how much of a research rabbit hole she went down, or how much she invested into her products and marketing, the needle refused to move. 

Like many of my other clients, Maame really saw herself in my content, but wasn’t sure if she could make that leap yet. 

But after seeing her mindset shift from just listening to the podcast, she knew she had to give this a real shot: and the rest is history!

In this week’s podcast episode, we talk about Maame’s brand journey, including:

  • Owning her “small but mighty” business status and adopting imposter-syndrome-proof outlook
  • Not just acting, but feeling like a CEO—to the point where she confidently turns down offers that don’t fit her business
  • How echoing her brand messaging from the roots to the rafters helped her feel better in her own brand skin 

And more!

Today, Maame glows with pride when she talks about her brand. 

In the past year, she estimates her growth at 300% (or more!)

Not only that, but she even turned down a retailer’s offer—something she never would have imagined before she started with me—because she knew her business had way more to offer. 

Now, Maame doesn’t just have the passion—she has the means to do something about it. 

Are you looking for a way to put your own passion in action?

Grab your head phones and tune in to this week's episode to learn more!

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