Episode 93: Conversion Content For eCommerce Brands Part 2


Why did it take me 13 whole months to finally buy a digital notebook? 

Well, I had to go through “The Funnel”.

That’s right, the Funnel—aka the magical journey that turns customers from sideline-huggers to multi-order subscribers. 

On one end, you have the customers that just stumbled across your product and are going in cold. In the middle, your customer has had some exposure to you, but hasn’t pulled the trigger. Finally, you have a customer who is just waiting for the right opportunity—and eventually, they make a purchase while it’s hot. 

How many potential customers of yours are in this “waffling” stage, dangling on the precipice of a purchase, but still not converting? 

More importantly: how can you take those people from being indifferent browsers to someone who gleefully orders every month? 

Here’s the good news: The Funnel can work IN YOUR FAVOR. 

The content that you make can help get your customers unstuck from wherever they are in The Funnel. 

Whether it’s the person who just scrolled across your ad online to someone who finally hits that “add to cart”, you can hold their hand through the journey—without being pushy or annoying. 

You can design your content calendar to address key points about your offer, all carefully timed to nudge your customer in the right direction. 


No gaps or writer’s block when it comes to your content calendar. 

  • Data-driven strategies that draw in new customers. 
  • Increased conversions, steady sales, and the financial freedom that comes with it to pursue your business full-time. 

What could this conversion content unlock for you? 

If you want to find out, then be sure to check out this week’s podcast episode to learn about the content you can make RIGHT NOW to harness the power of your Funnel. 


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