Episode 92: Conversion Content For eCommerce Brands Part 1


Tell me if you’ve been here before: 

You’re working around the clock to make eye-popping, top-of-the-line content for your product. 

You got the lights, the framing, the best camera angles. 

Shakespeare himself couldn’t write better captions. 

And yet…it’s not converting. 


 Many of us lean heavily on organic marketing strategies to grow our business. 

This can be a world-changing way to bring your business to new heights—as long as you leverage it the right way. 

Getting attention for your product is great.

Getting sales is even better. In fact, that’s the thing that really moves the needle. 

So what DO you need to do to create content that ACTUALLY converts?

In this week's podcast episode, we’re going to talk about the three things you need to know to make content that gets conversion for your eCommerce brand. 

We’ll talk about how to:

👉Know your ideal customer inside and out: what problems are they going through right now? What is on their radar the most?

👉Understand the alternative solutions: if they’re not buying your product, then what is your audience considering in its place? Can you point out the (unfortunate) repercussions of using their product instead of yours? 

👉Master the emotional benefits: what kind of stress is your customer slogging through now? Are they struggling with confidence, energy, or lack of connection? Your product leads to a transformation—what impact will that transformation have on these other stressors in their lives? 

These three things are the framework you need to make content that doesn’t just look good—it WORKS. 

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