Episode 88: The Secrets to Building a Product Brand That Scales

I often get asked, Maureen, can you please tell me what gives the big brands the ability to maintain market share and brand equity? 

Why do I feel like I will never get there? Why does this feel so hard?

My answer tends to be: 

Most product based business owners struggle to succeed because they start with a bloated product assortment and a confusing brand message



This then creates a lot of complexity in the initial stages making it impossible to quickly take off at the rate the CEO desires. 

It is important to recognize that while there are several strategies to scale your brand, you need to identify what works in the current stage of your business. 


✨ Before marketing, you need to focus on branding. 

✨ Before pricing, you need to solidify your positioning.

✨ Before paid activity, you need to grow organically. 

✨ Before delegation, you need to focus on mastery. 

✨ Before automation, you need to ensure the process is converting. 


The best way to build brand obsession is to learn and apply what big brands do. 

But what do big brands really do?

Listen Here (link) to discover The Secrets to Building a Product Brand That Scales. 

You’ll learn to uncomplicate your business by streamlining your product assortment, how to drive urgency to buy, how to appeal to your customers' emotions and how to stay on top of mind with your audience. 

And so much more.  


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