Episode 84: Why eCommerce Holiday Plans Fail and How to Fix Them


The top 4 mistakes I see eCommerce brands making (and how to fix them).



If you: 

✨think you have to run a promotion because everyone else is doing it.

✨don’t have a clear goal for the holiday sale you’ve planned.

✨aren’t in tune with matters most to your customers RIGHT NOW.

✨Know you need to shift the trajectory of your sales, but you don’t know how.


This episode is for you. Let’s fix those today! 

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✨ Write your irresistible brand story in a way that makes you the only option in your category for your ideal customer
✨ Define your competitive advantage, PLUS how to actually use your secret sauce to dominate the market
✨ Map out the brand growth strategies you're actually ready for, so you can generate more sales now
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