Episode 83: Never Feel Overwhelmed Again - Mastering the Art of Holiday Prep


Sales are a touchy subject any time of year, but around the holiday season, they take on a life of their own! Is your holiday sales season an exciting or frustrating time for you? 

If you said the latter, you’re not alone; many brands struggle to balance having an enticing discount that doesn’t cripple them in the long run.  

So how do you build a holiday promo that makes you as excited as your customer? BOTH of you can end up getting a great deal! If you want to get as much as you give this holiday season, check out this week’s podcast episode to learn more about: 

  • What to avoid in Q4 when trying to increase conversions, 
  • How to stay relevant with your audience during this time
  • How to strategically plan discounts and make them profitable
  • How to drive excitement with your audience by tapping into relevant cultural moments...

…and more.

Listen now to Episode 83: Never Feel Overwhelmed Again - Mastering The Art of Holiday Prep to learn exactly what you need to do in order to prepare and execute a successful holiday sales strategy.



PS: If you are ready to create your Holiday Planning Blueprint together, join me on September 23d, 11 AM - 2 PM EST, where I’ll teach you 3 Steps to Building an Ultra-Simple, Successful Holiday Campaign to Maximize Your Product Sales This Holiday Season.  SAVE YOUR SEAT

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