Episode 82: Holiday Sales 101 - Your Go-To Guide for Scoring the Best Sales

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Are you wondering if it is too late to plan a holiday promotion? Here is what you need to think about:


  1. Is promotion part of my brand strategy? Is it something I want to commit to? Does it align my brand guidelines? Think about your brand as a being - it has values and things it stands for. Would it stand for a promotion?
  2. Every time you do a promo, it is important to understand that you are giving money away. As a small business owner, you may not have that luxury just yet. So while promotions can be a profitable endeavor, you need to have a strategy around the promotion. 
  3. When you’re designing your product portfolio, you can design one product to be on a constant discount or sale. Each product should play a certain role in your portfolio. This may be better than a holiday promotion.
  4. Consider what actions you can take that will develop and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

You don’t need to be influenced by anyone else’s brand. Take the time and perspective to put more money in your pockets with a strategic holiday plan that supports your brand guidelines and is a no-brainer for your ideal customers.

Promotions should be and can be a profitable endeavor for a small brand.

PS: If you are ready to create your Holiday Planning Blueprint together, join me on September 23d, 11 AM - 2 PM EST, where I’ll teach you 3 Steps to Building an Ultra-Simple, Successful Holiday Campaign to Maximize Your Product Sales This Holiday Season.  SAVE YOUR SEAT

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