Episode 75: Escape the Grind: Discover the Secret to Sales Certainty In Your Business



If you want to make headway in your business, you need cash confidence on your side. And for cash confidence you need one thing above all else: 

Consistent. Sales.

Without consistent sales, you can’t quit your corporate job. You can’t invest. You can’t scale to retail, or expand your warehouse fulfillment, and you most certainly can’t get your time freedom back. 

You don’t need the biggest sales to get you through the dry spells. You need a continuous stream of sales—even small ones!—that eliminate those dry spells all together. 

A lot of product-based businesses  are just grinding along. They’re running out of fuel and patience, all while pouring in the last of their energy and funding. 

In this week’s episode, we talk about how to boost that conversion mechanism in your favor, including:

✨The growth engine equation that’ll get those gears turning

✨The power of “See, Feel, Understand” in your strategy

✨How to constantly sell without coming off pushy


This is the key to your next big goal, whether that’s just getting started or jumping into your business full time. 

And if you’re ready to unlock a whale of a new world for your brand, then you  are specially invited to my brand new, 3-Hour virtual Intensive called PRODUCT BRAND MARKETING INTENSIVE, happening July 29.

We’ll talk about getting in front of the right customers at the right time. The result? Consistent, predictable, scalable sales. No soul-sucking grind required!

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