Episode 74: Why quitting corporate is hard - Battle the fear and succeed with your product brand.



If you’ve been dreaming of quitting your day job to pursue your business full-time, then you are not alone! But a lot of us have a hard time pulling that trigger. What’s preventing you from jumping in with both feet?

Even the most well-seasoned entrepreneur has to battle our biggest nemesis: FEAR. Fear of what if it crumbles, fear that we’re making the wrong move, fear that everyone else will see the “imposter” we are. 

Here’s the good news: fear IS conquerable. And in this week’s podcast, we’re giving you the game plan to battle that fear of quitting your corporate job and pursuing your business full time, including:

✨How to show up for your business with the same effort as your day job

✨Breaking the ruminating cycle to get unstuck

✨Creating safety within yourself (NOT your paycheck!)

Leaving behind that steady 9 to 5 can mean leaving behind a sense of security. But it also means embracing something much more important—yourself!

YOU are the common denominator in your business. If you learn to manage your own brain first, all the rest—from marketing to budgeting to sales—comes in time. 

Let’s see what may be waiting for you on the other side of that fear!

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