Episode 72: Unlock The Mystery - How Social Media Algorithm Woes Impact Your Profits!

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Algorithms change. Should you?

Social media algorithms are the invisible enemy that haunts nearly every online business. If you want to be successful, you need to be seen. That means giving the algorithm what it wants to get us to the top of the feed, or at least, not get buried in the meantime. And yet, the second we think we have the equation figured out, it stops working. Sometimes, it changes altogether!

The topic of that pesky algorithm comes up often with my clients. We all want a marketing strategy that is social-media-proof and platform-proof, while still using those platforms to their full potential. Small businesses tend to think that algorithm holds them back. 

The good news? It isn’t. 

The bad news? It isn’t–which means if you think that, then your strategy isn’t serving you the way it should. 

In this week’s podcast, we’re diving into how to break free from the chains of the algorithm, including:


  • How to avoid falling prey to the trends on social media
  • Finding the singular idea behind your brand messaging
  • How to avoid becoming a “cookie-cutter” brand 


And more!

You don’t need to be a social media wiz to make your marketing strategy a winner on any platform. You just need a solid strategy—and a dash of inspiration!


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