Episode 71: Dreams Do Come True - You're Not Too Old For Product Placement with Vanessa


What are the secrets to getting into retail?


We asked Vanessa, CEO of Zhanfire, LLC, home of the CloudChayzer, an LED umbrella on the shelves at Meijer, to answer this pressing question:


Her simple answer was this:


#1: Know yourself.

#2. Know your product.

#3: Know your audience.




#1 Know yourself.


You have to believe in yourself. In your ability, in your taste, in the goodness of your heart. Your identity needs to be in divine alignment with who you were created to be. You are worthy of being on the shelves of that store. You believe in yourself, and you believe in the product you’ve created. You are worthy.


#2: Know your product.


You have to know every single detail of your product, inside and out. I know that the ribs of my umbrellas are fiberglass, not plastic. I know there’s a strength to fiberglass that’s 5x stronger than its weight. I know that, on a windy day, the fiberglass won’t crunch all up. I know the materials and how they’re put together 100%.


#3: Know your audience.


Your product isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will like or appreciate it. Who will? Who is like you? Where can you find these people? How can you connect with them? What message do they need to hear that will speak to their hearts?


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