Episode 69: The Breakthrough Product Brand Mindset

The beauty brand mindset

The CEO’s I know who struggle are often the ones who:

✖️Want to constantly reinvent the wheel

✖️Fly by the seat of their pants

✖️Fudge the numbers

✖️Delegate CFO responsibilities to an admin

✖️Put off hiring the support they need

There are so many sabotage patterns and poor choices that can cap your growth. 


It’s not that you don’t WANT to do the right thing. You just don’t know any different.


Today is Session 5 of the Scale Your Beauty Empire live event -- and I wanted to share the way real CEO’s make decisions about growth.


They’re 3 strategic decision-making frameworks that will give you the confidence to invest, spend, and MOVE -- in the face of incomplete information and “gut instinct”.



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