Episode 67: The 3Ps Of Marketing: This Is What Sells

Product Marketing

What if we let marketing be easy? 

 A lot of us think that something has to be so hard in order for it to be worth doing. As a result, we quickly bog ourselves down under the weight of  crushing expectations and less-than-spectacular results. 


If marketing becomes just another chore, then it’s going to feel like torture. However, when you love marketing, the cash will flow. 

 Marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated slog. In fact, it usually comes down to the 3 P’s:

 Perspective. Personality. Precision. 

 Note: “perfectionism” is not one of them!

 In this week’s episode, we talk about how to fall in love with marketing again by following the 3 P’s, including:

  • Tapping into your desired narrative
  • Why you NEED to be the face of your brand 
  • How to drop the guilt and fear around selling your product 
  • Identifying the micro moments

And more! 

The 3 P’s seem simple on the surface, but there’s so much more to gain: a clearer mindset, bolstered brand presence, and a shockproof confidence in both you and your product’s impact on your audience! Tune in and see what these three little P’s can have in store for you and your brand. 


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