How To Map Out Your Brand Growth Plan

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Here’s what they don’t tell you…


Niching Down is a Brand Strategy, Not a Marketing Strategy

You hear it all the time — niche, niche, niche! And while it’s great advice, looking at it as anything other than a brand strategy falls short. Why? Because the purpose of niching is to uniquely position your product to become a household name, not just another product on the shelf. That’s what branding is all about — becoming recognizable.


And those big-name brands you know and love? They’re built on data — data that ignites growth because it’s well-informed. But to get there, you have to know your customers well — especially their buying psychology, because that’s the data you need to know what it will take for them to pick YOU over your competitors.


The problem is…


Most entrepreneurs don’t have a full grasp of their market — or who their buyers are — before they hit the ground running with their marketing strategy. They go to market way too early, expecting results that only a meticulously planned brand can do. A lot of product-based entrepreneurs are fighting the wrong battle. They think it’s their mindset or their marketing when really…it’s their brand strategy.


That’s where the Product Brand Accelerator course comes in. 


You’ll learn how to position, market, and sell your new brand to gain more reach, more sales, and ultimately, stronger brand recognition.


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