Episode 62: Set Goals That Scare You: 2023 Goal Planning For Your Product Brand

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As we begin a new year, we all have high hopes for 2023. That makes it the perfect time to revisit your business goals and infuse them with fresh energy!


That means you have to ask yourself: are you making the right goals? More specifically, are you dreaming big enough, all while placing those ambitions on a strong foundation?


In this week’s episode, we sit down with our guest expert Gabrielle Smith, a licensed business coach and our head mindset coach at the Product Profit Lab, to talk about the right way to set fulfilling goals, along with the steps you need to take in order to succeed! 


We get into the nitty-gritty of how to combine strategy with the right mindset, including: 


  • How to build yourself up from the inside out, shaking off the fear of failure and recognizing your worth outside of your goals (whether you succeed or not!)
  • Recognizing when things behind the scenes need a refresh: are you just checking the boxes on your to-do list each day, or are you still excited about your work (even the less-fun behind-the-scenes stuff?) 
  • Falling in love with your offer again: would you buy from yourself? Do you truly believe that your product makes an impact in your customers’ lives?
  • The five steps of completing your goal, including:
    • Set your goal, and anticipate your brain’s initial freakout 
    • Determine your why (something that will convict you even in the lowest moments)
    • Identify your obstacles
    • Calendar your tasks 
    • Stick to the plan! 

And more!

Following this relationship and goal-settling framework can help give you the start you need to set your new year on the right course. Building your business is always a marathon, not a sprint: slow growth is not only okay, but completely normal! Your goals are the key to keeping that momentum for the long haul 

When you combine the right strategy with the right mindset, everything changes—and what better time for change than in 2023!

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