Episode 61: Gearing Up For 2023: How to Rock Your Product Sales

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In our industry, we’re always fighting against the “leaky bucket”: aka, the theory that suggests that companies are always losing customers. To maintain share, you have to always be bringing in new customers to keep the bucket full. On the other end, you need to slow the leak: aka, retain the customers you already have. 

As we gear up for 2023, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your own bucket nice and full, especially in the face of a new year and amidst the looming recession. Increasing your sales in 2023 comes down to the biggest currency of them all: the relationship.

You don’t want the occasional one-off sale: you want your customer to come back time and time again, always leaving delighted and ready for your next offer. Sales are a symptom of the relationship you establish with your customer, so the more your customer trusts and shows interest in you, the more you will be able to grow!

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Relationship building with your customer (and your community) to make your interactions personal, surprising, and above all, repeatable
  • How to build your omni-channel presence with in person events and brand-building exposure
  • The key to better retailer partnerships 

And more!

This next year is full of potential for you and your brand! If you’re ready to put in the work in your relationship with your customers, your customers will notice—and respond in kind! 

Want to learn more on how to connect with your audience?

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