Episode 57: How To Stand Out In A Saturated Market


Many people feel like they’re doing everything to market their product, but they’re still not getting the sales. That leads them to wonder: are they fighting an uphill battle? Can they really cut above the noise in this ever-growing industry? 

Here’s the good news: the things you think are holding your product brand back are likely not the real issue! You don’t need the prettiest photography, an enormous advertisement budget, or even the lowest prices. 

You can get your customer to pick YOU in stead of your competition; all you need to do is asking yourself the right questions. 

In this episode, we dive into: 

  • The psychology of a buyer, specifically the type of buyer you want to attract. (There is a difference!) That means you need to understand how your customer makes a buying decision, and how they weigh the pros and cons of a purchase. 
  • How to motivate your customer to (literally) buy what you’re selling; it’s rarely going to be solely about your product features! You need to get down to the “why behind the why”, aka what changes your product will actually make on their quality of life, and when they would use your product in their routine. (Hint: you want to highlight this exact moment in your content!)
  • The difference between product acceptors, rejectors, and reducers (and which customer subset you want to target) 
  • How to properly convey the value of your product by not dumbing down your genius; let your expertise speak for itself!

Once you master the way your customer thinks, you’re on your way to creating that cult-like community that comes back to your product time and time again! 

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