Episode 55: The Key Differences In Building A Product Brand Vs A Service Brand

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The type of brand you build matters; is a mismatch in your strategy possibly holding you back from your full potential?



One of the most common things I see in this industry is some people treating their product-based brand as a service-based brand, or even vice versa: aka, people start a product and try to add being a coach or other service on top of it. 

The result? Your messaging gets muddled, your to-do list multiplies, and all that extra effort still doesn’t translate into an equal rise in sales. It’s like putting a square in a round hole: you can technically do it, but you’ll end up tired, frustrated, and wasting perfectly good space. 

Luckily, there’s a better way forward. Instead of “branching out” and stretching yourself way too thin, it’s time to double down and tailor your strategy to YOU and your brand. This helps strengthen your foundation, clarifies your brand message, and helps you set goals that keep your momentum going strong. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What the key differences are between product and service-based brands
  • How those differences actually look in practice, and
  • How to pivot your strategy towards your brand type in meaningful, practical ways



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