Episode 104: Pitch With Confidence To Get Funded Faster With Kat Weaver


Could you use more money? 

Maybe the answer to that is obvious. As entrepreneurs, we’re always asking ourselves where we can get funding. 

Funding gives us the chance to pour ourselves into our business. It gives us opportunities to grow our product lines, our inventories, and our marketing outreach. It gives us peace of mind as we use our time for our families, our projects, and our brand. 

Funding gives us freedom.

We talk a lot about how to increase our sales, but there’s another source of funding out there: investors. 

Getting funding on the front end can be a huge boost in our brand, but it’s also a whole different animal. 

That’s where Kat Weaver comes in!

In this week’s special podcast episode, we sit down with Power to Pitch founder, Kat Weaver, to dig into the common pitfalls that come with pitching your brand, and what you can do to succeed. 

And Kat would know—as a self-proclaimed “two-time accidental founder”, she realized early on that lots of amazing founders weren’t able to clearly and concisely talk about who they were and what they needed. 

Today, she helps founders get funded faster while also introducing them to investors in their industry. The result? She’s helped founders raise over $15 million in grants and ventures—and counting. 

Tune in TODAY to see how she does it, and how you can pitch your own brand story with confidence, no matter who is in the room with you.

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