Episode 101: Who Should You Hire To Support The Growth of your eCommerce Brand


Picture this: 

You’re doing all the right things. Your content is getting clicks, your sales are trickling in. Things are finally starting to move in the right direction. 

In fact, things are almost going too well. As the CEO, you are the one responsible for everything. The planning, the marketing, the writing, the accounting. Everything. 

And you are tired

So what do you do? The marketing gurus online seem to all point to one thing: hiring a team. 

That should make things easier, but now you’re faced with another crucial decision:

Who in the world do you hire?

Do you need an assistant? A coach? A marketing agency? 

I’m here to tell you a secret: who you hire makes all the difference

Even the most qualified candidate can be more of a boon than a catalyst to your brand if they’re in the wrong role. 

That’s why, in this week’s podcast episode, we’re diving into the real question behind it all: 

Who should you invest in? 

To help answer that question, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of it all, including: 

✨ What you shouldn’t hire someone to do (i.e. avoiding tasks you’d rather not do)

✨ When you need a task taker vs. a decision maker

✨ Who your first hire should be if you make less than $10K a month

And more! 

Many hands make light work. The right hands build something new. Something that will stand the test of time for years to come!

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