Episode 100: The 3 Building Blocks Required To Build A Legacy Brand, Maraya Brown

A lot of us left 2023 feeling heavy. 

Not only have we been chin-deep in our business, but other things have gone to the wayside. We’re losing hair, losing sleep, and ultimately just losing our spark. 

2024 can be different. It has to be different. 

In this week’s special podcast episode, we’re talking to the lovely Maraya Brown, founder and CEO of the Women’s Vibrancy Code, to dive into how women entrepreneurs can build their legacy without burnout!

If you want to find out how to shape a business that fulfills you to the core, then you need to hear this week’s heart-to-heart, where we talk about:

  • Paying yourself first in profit, health, and love
  • Finding support systems to clear your brain fog and make things bright, more fun, AND more productive
  • Stepping into next year to forgive big and dream big

And more!

Our bodies, brains, and businesses all run on a beautiful rhythm that’s trying to tell us what we need. 

If we nurture it and tune in, we may just be surprised at what we find—and how much happiness and growth awaits us in 2024!

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