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Welcome to the only podcast that teaches product-based entrepreneurs how to master the growth strategies needed to scale, so they can turn their beloved brands into household names.


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Tune in to our most popular episodes and take your next step towards priming your brand for explosive growth and scale.

From brand-building strategies to cash flow mastery, scaling e-commerce revenue to getting your products retail-ready — we cover it all!

Episode 21: Selling On Amazon

Maureen and Verity Sewell discuss everything you need to know about selling on Amazon.


Episode 20: What I Do & Why

I am compelled to teach things that have mattered most to me.  I teach real strategies you need to dominate in your brand category.


Episode 23: Positioning Your Brand For Prosperity

Deidre Wright & Maureen discuss seizing opportunities, networking, branding, and embracing your strengths.


Meet your host, Maureen Mwangi

CEO of Startward Consulting & Brand Growth Strategist

With 10+ years of experience growing some of America’s most beloved brands, I know what it takes to create brand obsession, accelerate your revenue and sales, and generate consistent 7-figure revenue as a product-based entrepreneur.

And on The Product Entrepreneur Podcast, I’m sharing those industry secrets with you — so you can claim your seat at the “big boys” table and create the product brand of your dreams.

Join me — alongside curated guest experts across the beauty, fashion and food industry and live consults with my powerhouse clients — as I show you how YOU can turn your beloved product and brand into a household name.

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