Learn The Obsession-Brand Positioning Tool You Absolutely Must Have to Accelerate Sales & Become the #1 Product Choice in a Saturated Market

Ramping up the sales of your product isn’t just about beautiful visuals and branding — if you want loyal customers for life, then you need a product people want to buy. The key? Understanding your unique value in the marketplace, along with how your audience buys. 

Unlock resources to accelerate your brand.


Before I tell you about this program, let’s make sure you’re a good fit.

The Product Brand Accelerator is for you if you want to grow your revenues to $5K - $10K per month and get you out of the income roller coaster that has you stuck at “small brand status.”

 You are in the right place if:

  • You want to lead your brand with data and insight. You love to learn about the numbers and statistics that make a product worthy of earning obsession status, but you also want to position your brand in a way that builds connection — because at the end of the day, customer-centered brand-building is more than a catchphrase. It’s a keystone to market-leading brand strategy.
  • You’re a fairly new brand that’s looking to smooth out the rough patches and learn the makings of a recognizable brand. You want to know more about how to solidify your brand identity through the different levers of growth, such as pricing, packaging, positioning,  positioning, messaging, placement, and distribution.
  • You’re tired of DIYing it — you want a polished and professional brand all the way around. You want a brand that gets noticed by high-paying investors and, eventually, big-name brands that are interested in acquisition, such as L'Oreal, Unilever, and Esteé Lauder.
  • You’re ready to stop relying on random marketing strategies and posting on a whim. You want something tangible, something actionable, and most importantly, something that works.
  • You’re an established brand, but your sales have plateaued, and you can’t seem to figure out why.

By the end of this program,

You will have:

  • Defined your competitive advantage and how to use your secret sauce to dominate the market
  • Developed a clear and magnetic brand identity that grows your social media following and the reach you need to grow your brand
  • Written your big brave idea (brand’s key message) in a way that makes you the only option in your category for the right customer
  • Implemented simple and advanced techniques to gain brand awareness/exposure and get more of the right customers’ eyes on your product line
  • Mapped out the brand growth strategies your brand is really ready for, so you can generate more sales now
  • Overcome slow growth and accelerate sales at lightning speed because you’re building your brand the way it needs to be built - with scientific precision

Here's the truth:

It doesn't have to be this way

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She has the plan and helps you implement it.

"The Accelerator  has given me practical steps, ideas and action steps to create a brand building strategy for my beauty brand. Having a strategy and Maureen as part of my team means not stressing about what needs to be done, she has the plan and helps you implement it. Within 4 months of working together we generated ~35,000 in sales, 90% of that was organically. I appreciated the detailed guidance."

Funlayo, CEO Shea Radiance

The Product Brand Accelerator Program Transforms Brands



$4,500 USD


5 Monthly Payments

$1,000 USD


10 Monthly Payments

$500 USD

Here’s what they don’t tell you…

Niching Down is a Brand Strategy, Not a Marketing Strategy

You hear it all the time — niche, niche, niche! And while it’s great advice, looking at it as anything other than a brand strategy falls short. Why? Because the purpose of niching is to uniquely position your product to become a household name, not just another product on the shelf. That’s what branding is all about — becoming recognizable.


And those big-name brands you know and love? They’re built on data — data that ignites growth because it’s well-informed. But to get there, you have to know your customers well — especially their buying psychology, because that’s the data you need to know what it will take for them to pick YOU over your competitors.

The problem is…


Most entrepreneurs don’t have a full grasp of their market — or who their buyers are — before they hit the ground running with their marketing strategy. They go to market way too early, expecting results that only a meticulously planned brand can do. A lot of product-based entrepreneurs are fighting the wrong battle. They think it’s their mindset or their marketing when really…it’s their brand strategy.


That’s where the Product Brand Accelerator course comes in.

The Obsession-Brand Positioning Tool You Absolutely Must Have to Accelerate Sales & Become the #1 Product Choice in a Saturated Market

You’ll learn how to position, market, and sell your new brand to gain more reach, more sales, and ultimately, stronger brand recognition.

It's time to stop...

  • Throwing advertising out into the (online) world to see if anything sticks, just to find that you’ve wasted both your time and money because it couldn’t stand alone and, ultimately, didn’t work
  • Using uninspired branding because you’re trying to copy competitors when you should be forging your own path forward and using your unique position in the market to sell a million-dollar brand experience
  • Wasting resources on generic marketing strategies that over-promise and underdeliver, all because you weren’t sure what your brand needed in the first place


If you don’t understand your product brand, no one else will. It’s time to arm yourself with the most powerful brand positioning tool you’ll ever need to sell your products at scale.


The program you need to learn everything about breaking into a busy market with a splash— and solidifying a stronghold in it. You’ll learn how to create that foothold and then turn around and sell your products as successfully as the big names do.

What's Inside?

Module 1

6 Key Brand DNA Decisions


Here’s why it pays off to learn from someone who has built over 50 brands. I know exactly where my clients get stuck in the brand-building process, and in this module, we are going to crush the 6 most critical decisions that could stop you from moving forward in your brand-building journey if left undecided.

We’ll set you up for success by getting some key decisions out of the way to help you achieve total clarity about where you are going and how you will get there.

  • Get your 6 most critical decisions answered so you can move forward feeling clear and confident
  • Nail what makes you distinct in the eyes of your consumers
  • Identify what is unique to you vs. what is shared with your competition
  • Decide your channel strategy so y can stop building a brand by trial and error and instead build it strategically, with scientific precision

Module 2

Build Your

Brand Strategy


  • If you want to uniquely position your product to become a household name, not just another product on the shelf, then you need to niche — because to stand out from your competitors, you need to be recognized in an instant and thought of before consumers come to shop. 
  • In this module, we will focus on building you a winning product-based brand strategy so your product lovers start buying YOU instead of your competitors.

Module 3

Define Your Brand’s Key Message/ Big Brave Idea


Once your product is on the market, packaging changes rarely drive long-term sales growth. That’s why many entrepreneurs feel like they aren’t getting the most bang for their buck when they hire someone to just build their brand’s visual elements. A brand is SO MUCH MORE than that. 

In this module, you’ll learn the core messaging strategies that must be in place in order for your brand to thrive long-term. We’ll be making sure you have the following clearly ironed out:

  • Your own brand’s messaging and RTBs, based on the brand strategy you ironed out in module #2
  • Your “sincere yet sensational” wallet-opening brand key message that blows your customer away with how much you know them & how much you care
  • Your habit-forming, obsession-stoking, brand strategies that will drive the repeat customers you want

Module 4

Finding Your Brand’s Position In The Market


When most entrepreneurs think about market research, they think of boring questionnaires, awkward conversations, and focus groups that leave you more confused than when you started. (Or freaking out because someone doesn’t like your packaging… “Um, does that mean I just wasted $10K on those orders!?”)

But the difference between building a brand by trial and error and building a brand strategically is market research. The Big Brand Blueprint makes it fun and easy to understand.

In this module, you’ll learn the market research techniques you need to figure out, once and for all:

  • What the bleep your customer wants to buy
  • Exactly how they make their buying decisions (so you can use this to your advantage!)
  • How to figure out what their shopping habits really are
  • How to compare yourself to the competition in the market
  • Once you have this information, you’ll be able to accurately diagnose:
    • Whether you have truly designed the right product with the features that matter
    • Exactly what your competitive advantage is and how to define the secret sauce that only you have

Module 5

Design Your Brand Bible


When you’ve narrowed down your secret sauce and learned what it takes to become an obsession then — and only then — are you ready to slay with brand guidelines. Already have all of these completed? Don’t worry. We’ll minimize design changes during our work together.

Once you’re done with this module, you will develop the following for your brand (and if you already have, you’ll be able to determine if it’s working or not):

  • A brand mood board that perfectly captures the look and feel of any photography you may decide to produce (this also informs your graphics & packaging!)
  • A one-and-done graphics package that will stand the test of time (and how to hire a team to do this if you haven’t already)
  • A packaging strategy that’s well-defined and ready to implement

Module 6

Create Content That Sparks Attention


Now that you’ve gotten clear about what you’re known for and who you serve, you’re ready to create captivating content — the kind of content that commands attention, inspires people to take action and forms an intimate connection with your audience.

In this Module, I’m going to walk you through:

  • How to create an irresistible marketing strategy, with the key guiding principles that’ll help take the guesswork out of creating captivating content
  • How to plan and execute a “Content Planning Session” to create a bank of topics for months to come, saving you hours and hours every single week
  • The framework for growing your brand’s reach and awareness. I'll also show you the perfect formula to draft messaging and marketing campaigns that increase conversion

Module 7

Get Customers Like Clockwork


Now that you know the secrets of creating captivating content, it's time to start driving quality traffic to your products through several different attraction strategies.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How different attraction strategies to consistently get customers on repeat and ACTUALLY hit your revenue goals
  • How to predict your revenues and profits for the month or quarter, based on the performance of your marketing efforts
  • How to dial in each component of your marketing strategy with scientific precision, so you can reel in new and repeat buyers consistently every month

Pay-in-Full Bonus

1:1 Brand Growth VIP Intensive Session

Tap into my 10+ years of brand marketing and brand management experience (only 2 spots available!)

  • Get clarity on your magnetic messaging so that you know exactly how to attract customers that become raving fans
  •  Find your roadmap of the customer journey that leads to the most sales and leads
  •  Create an action plan on how to amplify your impact with Facebook & Instagram Ads 
VALUE: $2,500

Fast Action Bonus

Bonus Module — The Confidential Brand Code: For Your Eyes Only!

I sure hope I don’t get in trouble for sharing this information! (Probably won’t. But it feels sacred!) Those who dedicate their lives to branding become fanatics about protecting the brands they build. Monetary brand value is hard to measure but let’s just say it’s a lot! This module includes the secrets that brand experts, brand managers, and CEO’s know about protecting & building a brand that grows,

VALUE: $997

Inside The Product Brand Accelerator Program, you get


Bring any topic covered in the vault and ask questions/get coaching, watch your peers get coaching, and learn in real time during these group calls led by Maureen and her team of coaches. There will be at least 3 coaching calls per month, with replays always available.


In addition to weekly coaching, one of those calls every month will be an interactive workshop, giving you the opportunity to work through that month’s topic in real time and get immediate feedback, coaching, and support as you do the exercises along with your peers.


Joining The Accelerator Program you will be added to a community of peers, all working towards the same goal. It is where you can bring any questions and ask coaching related to the accelerator process, and receive 24/7 answers, feedback, and support from peers and coaches.


The Accelerator Program is a one year paid mentorship with lifetime access to program materials  for as long as the program is actively running. Which means as the marketing landscape changes and evolves over time, you have access to the process to help at each stage. 


Showing you literally what you need to accelerate your product-based brand’s success by first carving out your unique position in the marketplace.

The value is priceless!



$4,500 USD


5 Monthly Payments of

$1,000 USD


10 Monthly Payments of

$500 USD


Product Brand Accelerator Guarantee

We’ve never had someone go through one of our programs as intended and not receive an extraordinary return on their investment. If you’re the first, let’s talk.

This program is for those who are fully committed to achieving their goals. If that’s you, we’re fully 100% committed to your success. If it’s not, we strongly encourage you to seek out another program instead.

Burning Q’s Your Fellow Brand Builders have asked before grabbing access:

Ready to bet on yourself and turn your brand into a force to be reckoned with?


$4,500 USD


5 Monthly Payments of

$1,000 USD


10 Monthly Payments of

$500 USD

If you are thinking this is amazing, but you’re not 100% sure, keep reading… My clients’ brands were successful because we used a customized brand position and marketing strategy. It’s time we do the same for you.


Here’s what changes when you carve out space in your niche for YOUR brand well before you try to sell a single thing.

#1 — You’ll be instantly recognizable.

Competitors? Never heard of her. When your brand strategy and positioning take a front-row seat, everything else falls into place —  including recognition in a saturated market like the beauty industry. Even with so many products available, your audience won’t have to think twice about what makes you different…they’ll just know you have that certain je ne sais quoi.

#2 — You’ll forge valuable connections with your audience and earn their trust for life.

The biggest key to creating a successful brand is connecting with your audience. In the age of conscious consumerism, it’s more important now than ever to create an open, transparent, and unique brand that’s clearly different from the rest. Build trust with them, and you’ve got loyal customers for life.

#3 — You’ll have stronger marketing instead of the same surface-level frameworks as your competitors.

Consumers are the smartest they’ve ever been. People can pick up on copycats faster than you’d think. And because online business has exploded in popularity (and along with it, easier access to simple, yet mass-produced, marketing strategies), they don’t want to see another automated business-in-a-box type of brand.

They want something real — and a unique position allows you to enforce reliability, in your products and in your messaging, for your audience and become something they can feel good about purchasing.

I’m here to give you the tools you need to turn your brand into a force to be reckoned with.

Inside my Product Brand Accelerator, you’ll get REAL business-building strategies you need to dominate your category — the same ones big brands use to dominate theirs.



This is your chance to join the Product Brand Accelerator, friend.

A year from now, you’ll be wishing you started today. Why wait when you can start seeing real results today?
Here’s everything you’ll get inside

  • Access to The Product Brand Accelerator (VALUE: $3,000)

  •  Live Coaching Group Experience (Either Strategy or Mindset) (VALUE: $3,000)

  •  Access to Our Private Facebook Group (VALUE: $1,000)

  •  CORE BONUS: Profit Rocket Fuel (VALUE: $500)

  •  FAST ACTION BONUS: 1:1 Bonus Module — The Confidential Brand Code: For Your Eyes Only! (VALUE: $1,000)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000


Let’s Create a brand people can’t stop talking about

Hi! I’m Maureen Mwangi.

And why do I feel so passionate about helping product-based entrepreneurs like you with branding? I’m no psychologist, so I’m not totally sure, but I think it has to do with how I was treated as a young girl in Kenya.

 We kids had no voice. We were to be seen and not heard, even among younger generations. 

 Now, having lived in America for 9 years, I’ve learned to find my voice and not be scared of being perceived as an “outspoken woman” (something frowned upon in my home country). I’m now a proudly outspoken woman.

 I’m always kind and respectful, but I’m not scared to speak my mind anymore. 

 And I’ve learned that’s a little bit of what branding is like, no? You’re communicating your core values and representing something you’re proud to stand for. You’re speaking your mind — aka  building YOUR brand and getting more opportunities in front of the right people…just like the boys I help with my foundation, Taji.

There’s so much we can do together but it all starts with you betting on yourself.

So if your dream is to become the next classic MAC red lipstick, or the next stamp of elegance like Chanel No. 5, then you need the tools that these brands use to earn, and keep, their celebrity status. And it’s exactly what I’m going to teach you in the Product Brand Accelerator Program. 


How do I know it works?

In my 10+ year career building product-based brands, I’ve been able to bring my brands some pretty off-the-charts results:

  • I’ve invented a freaking chip — a pretty successful one, too. #LivingtheDream Ever tried the Lays Chesapeake Crab Spice? Millions of people have and the product did $1.2MM in sales in its first year!
  • If you love Greek yogurt, you’ve probably tried my baby >> Chobani’s vanilla and plain Greek yogurt. I took the Chobani brand & these two initial products from concept to cash register. It’s now a multi-million dollar product line.

  • I helped Dove expand its GoFresh brand by coming up with the cucumber and raspberry product lines, which added 35% to their baseline volume — a whopping $70M.

Let’s work together to build a powerful brand every home in America will recognize — and one that your audience will adore.

Ready to join me?

Grab The Product Brand Accelerator Here


$4,500 USD


5 Monthly Payments of

$1,000 USD


10 Monthly Payments of

$500 USD