Our powerful brand elevation program is designed for bold entrepreneurs who are looking to heighten sales and learn how to position their brand. We offer a fresh perspective on assessing your brand and the opportunities around it to unlock growth and uncover its potential. This thinking has empirically been tested and applied across global markets. You will be guided through the exact brand building process from start to finish.

Created for:
Visionary entrepreneurs who are shifting the focus of their work. You are looking for a brand identity that represents who you are authentically while at the same time making you relevant in the industry. You want your brand to speak powerfully to your ideal clients.

How It Works

In brand building, you’ve got to truly empathize with your consumers. Engaging in cognitive empathy allows us to connect the needs of others with your specific services. We apply scientific thinking into brand building because our core methodology is rooted in human/consumer intimacy. 


This involves paying attention to trends, but rather than investigating the trend itself, we tap into the psychological and mental component of that trend. For example, consider a new menu item at a restaurant that is growing in popularity. The driving force behind this trend is enjoyment — people want to enjoy what they eat. Enjoyment, then, is what all marketing and branding should focus on for this particular item. 


In this program, we’ll work with you to define those driving factors, leading to brand positioning that’s distinct and etched in the minds of your customers. This loyalty from consumers fuels a brand. Let’s fuel your brand.


  1. Brand Science

  2. Human Centricity

  3. Fundamentals of Brand Growth

  4. Brand Positioning

  5. Distinction vs Differentiation

  6. Brand Architecture

  7. Brand Purpose

  8. Brand Strategy Implementation

Purpose is a key pillar and focus of this program as it addresses the milliondollar question of, “Why are you in business?” With our years of experience in branding, we have realized that many people know what they do and how they do it, but don’t know why they do it. What many entrepreneurs don’t know is that purpose provides the differentiation they’re seeking. It is the foundation of every experience, the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary.

If any of the below statements resonate with you, this program is your way out of struggle and into success.

  1. I’m seeking to operate from a point of clarity and certainty to become a force to be reckoned with.

  2. I want to fast-track my business goals so I can scale my brand to the level I know it deserves.

  3. I’m looking to unlock my brand’s potential, creating something that my ideal clients love and are ready to commit to.

  4. I’m looking for new leads and opportunities so that I can raise my prices confidently.

  5. I want to step out of my business’s day-to-day interactions to focus on high-level projects, but I’m concerned that my brand’s visibility will suffer.

Stop doubting and start defining.

Our Elevate Series Includes: 

  1. Brand Strategy:
    A strategy that allows you to grow and scale exponentially


  2. Brand Purpose:
    Discover your brand's purpose and what you truly stand for. This will allow your marketing communications to flow naturally and effectively by making an emotional connection with your audience.


  3. Brand Playbook:
    A strategic guide that spells out your brand’s strategy, and covers all the aspects of your brand. It provides the gift of consistency and clarity that your brand needs. It’s all etched in your mind and on paper — whoop!

    • Section 1: Brand Strategy

    • Section 2: Visual Language

    • Section 3: Communication Strategy

  4. Brand Communication Brief:
    Robust communication that magnetizes your brand and attracts clients to you. Isn’t it wonderful when you don’t have to introduce yourself to your clients when people already know you? That’s what makes a brand magnetic. Small businesses become big businesses because of the POWER of a SOLID brand.



Build a strong foundation for scaling with our design-led branding. This custom, one-on-one service will assess your business, define brand strategy and move to action. 

Created for:
Transformative entrepreneurs who have outgrown their current brand. Your brand no longer fits who or where you are. You need new messaging and visuals that exude your essence, and a mentor to guide you through the process.

How It Works

After scaling your business and seeing tremendous success, you’ve realized that your brand has become, well, cluttered. There are too many colors, fonts and messages. The communication is often chaotic and you’re tired of it.


You’re looking for consistency across all platforms and want your brand to stand out above the noise and trends. We can tell you one thing — less is more. 

Distinguish your brand with simplicity, clarity and ease of expression.

Step 1: Establish Brand's Fundamentals

We’ll identify your ideal client and understand their motivations and human drivers. This enables us to deep dive into your brand's experience.


Step 2: Articulate Brand's Credibility

Together, we identify your brand’s competitive advantage and identify the position that will forever be etched in consumers’ minds.


Step 3: Assess Your Brand’s Landscape

Brand building doesn't happen in a vacuum, so we will assess the landscape and determine your "brand's entry ticket." Ultimately, we answer the question, “How strong is your right to play in the category?” We will clarify the needs in your industry and spell out what makes you unique.


Step 3: Brand Identity

Refine your brand's visual assets. We will evaluate your current brand assets for consistency, effectiveness and more. We’ll identify opportunity areas and create new branding as needed. This could apply to your colors, typography, image, font selection, etc.


Step 4: Brand Language

We will build your brand's written standards. This includes creating compelling brand story that drives emotional connection and influences your brand experience.


Step 5: Brand Expression

Partner with our exclusive branding team — website developers, copywriters and brand designers.

Design Services Output:

  • Elevated brand identity that truly reflects who you are and the incredible work that you do, building a strong reputation

  • Brand playbook with consistent brand visuals that you can quickly share with all team members

  • Brand audit worksheet that you can use annually to assess your brand's assets

  • Updated brand visuals such as: logo, website, typography, colors, copy, social media graphics, style guide, photography and more.

Let’s Ignite Your Brand

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