Episode 79: Growth Series - Maximizing Your Post-Launch Potential: How to Reach Your First $100k in Ecommerce Sales


We are in the second episode of our growth series this week! (If you missed Zero to Launch, you can find the video training and podcast here.) Today, I want to ask you one simple question: Are you ready to dominate in your market?


After watching my parents build a small business that stood the test of time and overcame stiff competition, and then working with multiple big brands like Dove and Lays, I have seen one common thread for success. You must have a solid foundation established from the beginning. Big brands have dialed in their messaging from the beginning, and then they find different ways to bring that messaging to life.

Getting your product to sell like hot cakes relies on having a strong brand with raving fans. So here is how you are going to maximize your product-based business the big brand way:

  1. Define your product’s value proposition.
  2. Who is your ideal customer? Focus on that ONE person - they will be your content North Star. 
  3. Choose your product suite. Define what your customer is looking for as a starting point, and then what products will take them through the end of their journey to solve a problem.  
  4. Unforgettable messaging = EMOTION. What is the desire that is wrapped up in your product? 

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